Architectures and space

08 Jun 2015

Design Concept

ปรัชญาการเรียน การสอน
เก่ง ดี มีความสุข
Challenge Sharing Balance

Challenge and Balance
Motivation & Study-Life-Play

Design Method
Design in economy method by using grid structure system in general
Yet, Challenge by using super structure to create building character and special needed function

Varieties of Study Place
Provide space for individual study, gathering spaces for study and discussion
Proportion of space provide opportunities to set up variety of seating area

Comfort Environment
Study in comfort environment
ceiling height, a/c space and transition space,
North South light is good quality of light

Layout building to achieve view from surroundings and keep distance from adjacent building

Gathering space
Provide gathering space in front of all classrooms
Individual interest classes are designed in the center of classrooms

Land use and Building Orientation
Use land wisely and design simple layout
Grouping classroom by level and by interest

Break out space
A gathering place where all students can meet and challenge each other
Multilevel interaction

This space can be a/c or non a/c space
Let good quality North light lighten up the space
Use insulation to protect heat from roof
Manage to lower humidity in this space
Comfort temp in this space will be 26c-27c

Many memory comes from walkway
Students can see each other
They can sit and make friends, can sit and challenge ech other in academic

Architecture Aesthetic
Beauty of knowledge
Beauty of architecture and structure
Beauty of space